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The Dead Live at DCU Center on 2009-04-19

**** 24 Bit, Not Intended for CD Burning ****

Set 1:
01 tunning
02 Here Comes Sunshine
03 Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
04 Alligator
05 Deal
06 Hell In A Bucket
07 Cream Puff War >
08 Good Lovin'

Set 2:
01 intro
02 Scarlet Begonias >
03 Fire On The Mountain >
04 Drumz/space >
05 Satisfaction>
06 Born Cross-Eyed >
07 Slipknot >
08 Let It Grow >
09 Uncle John's Band >
10 The Wheel >
11 Turn On Your Lovelight
12 crowd
13 Donor Rap / Intros
14 Samson & Delilah

Collection TheDead
Band/Artist The Dead
Date April 19, 2009
Venue DCU Center
Location Worcester, MA

Source AKG c480b/ck69 Short Guns(PAS,OTS) > V3 Digital > MTII(24/96)
Lineage Wave > Soundforge 9.0(Fade,Track) > Flac 24
Taped by Ted Gakidis
Transferred by Ted Gakidis


Reviewer: mknyc - - May 10, 2009
Subject: Best show of tour as of Denver
Everyone's happy - me too; but I'd like to see more people start to weigh in on particular shows. From my listening so far, I think this is the strongest show so far - very tight, not trying to play a GD cover band, fewer of the songs that seem indelibly stamped in my mind as Jerry songs. Like, it made me happy to sing along to Rider at the Meadowlands, and sad because Jerry's golden notes weren't there. I also like Nassau 4/24 and Chicago 5/5.
Reviewer: UKDEADHEADKUWAIT - - April 25, 2009
Subject: TED YOU ARE THE MAN!!!!
After listening and downloading over 1000 Dead Shows on the Archive - these audience recordings by this great guy Ted are just awesome.
His equipment must be stupendous
I aint Robert Hunter but I do write Lyrics

There is a rock legend called Weir
Whose vocals are increasingly queer
He cant sing no more
Been that way since '94
So let Warren let rip as we wanna hear!!!

Warren's playing in this band is sensational - let him get on with it Weir - if you do this band can reach heights that would defy superlatives. Dont hold back - let Warren do his stuff - and get a verison of Lay of the Sunflower into the set - he really rips on that tune - and if you aint listened to it - check out the 2002 version of Born Cross Eyed from NJ -played with Phil and Friends - this guy is great. The Almmans played many nights at The Beacon in March - Warrens guitar work with Buddy Guy, Clapton et al is staggering. Warren and Ted we love you both!!!!
Reviewer: David1231 - - April 22, 2009
Subject: Great recording and a great show too!
I love this entire show and listening to classic Grateful Dead tunes such as Let it Grow and Cream Puff War is icing on the cake! Thank you so much to the taper for putting it so quickly! And, incidentally, I did burn a CD of this show and it plays just great!
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The Dead
by The Dead
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Source: AKG c480b/ck69 Short Guns(PAS,OTS) > V3 Digital > MTII(24/96)
The Dead
by The Dead
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Source: AKG c480b/ck69 Short Guns(PAS,OTS) > V3 Digital > MTII(24/96)
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